View Full Version : Found Collie ( Bower Area )

29-Mar-09, 10:54
I have found a (seemingly) lost collie, it was in the Bower area, a neighbour had spotted it about 10 days ago, and I saw it last night, very friendly, jumped in the back of the car, and off to the folks house for some food (very thin 8-( ), if the proper owners are out there get in touch and verify the collie, we will be taking it for a Vet check up tomorrow, and if no joy have a possible new home lined up already, but if it is someones dog/pet would rather it went home,


29-Mar-09, 13:03
You are kind to try and find the owners of the collie and line up a poss new home. Hope all works out well for the wee dog.

29-Mar-09, 15:11
well done for being so kind a caring.hope all works out for the wee soul.bless him.;)

29-Mar-09, 17:30
Owner found...!!!!!! 8-) 2 year old working pooch with a touch or bearded collie in him, seeming not very fussed on his food, which explained the toast rack look.. 8-)

29-Mar-09, 18:20
Well done Mooncat for caring so well for another poor lost animal.:D It is a good job there are kind people like you.

So glad you managed to find the owner.

29-Mar-09, 21:58
Another scamp has found its way home........well done Mooncat. Now the collie dog can get back to work;)