View Full Version : Random Accesss Memory (RAM)

28-Mar-09, 13:46
I have an AMD Athlon (tm) XP 2400+, 1.99 GHz with 256 MB RAM Computer. I wish to increase the operating speed of the computer by increasing the RAM, can anyone suggest a suitable/compatible upgraded RAM for this computer.

28-Mar-09, 13:49
We would need more information - ideally the make & model of the motherboard, and current configuration (quantity of, & either make/model or specification of said memory modules) - to ensure correct RAM is identified and recommended.

28-Mar-09, 13:55
Thanks.I'll try and find out.

28-Mar-09, 14:57
I recently bought some memory from Crucial (http://www.crucial.com/index.aspx).

If you run the Crucial System Scanner tool it'll tell you what memory you have and also recommend upgrades.