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25-Mar-09, 14:59
are there any in thurso?
thanks in advance

Murdina Bug
25-Mar-09, 22:00
Hi, Claire Gant is a mobile acupuncturist that I saw a few years back and found to be very good. I believe that she works in the New Horizons Health Clinic, Sinclair Street, Thurso on occasion - you could try them for an appointment. Contact details below.

New Horizons Clinic

Brian Lamb, MCPP. Medical Herbalist
Sophia Lamb, MCPP. Medical Herbalist. Colonic Hydrotherapist.
Naomi Murray, Dispenser
Alan Murray, MSST Dip Sports Therapy
Claire Gant Lic. Ac. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture 20 years experience
New Horizons Clinic
20 Sinclair Street
KW14 7AQ
Please call us on:
01847 894991 or 890684
clinic hours:
Mon Fri 9am 5pm

26-Mar-09, 10:24
thank you for the quick response