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little mac
24-Mar-09, 23:59
hi how do i find out my password on here as everytime i log in at boyfriends it doesnt ask for a password when i go on a different computer it does

i have mailed the people that runs this caithness.org to see if they could give me a new password and if i could use my own email address on my laptop as its my boyfriends email that was used at first ,it wont let me use my google one.

they must of forgotton to get back to me does anyone know if i can find my password myself or if i can set up a new name on here relating to my google mail or if i can set this to maill me to my google when i get a new message?

what is the reason it has to be talktalk mail just out of curiosity?

25-Mar-09, 00:29
If you try to log in and get your password wrong, the page then gives you the option of re-sending your username/password to the original email address you used to sign up.

Then when you log in again, remember to tick the box that says 'remember me on this computer' (or something like that).

The reason you have to use an ISP's email address (talktalk in your case) is that the orgministrators have deemed googlemail and all the rest as being used by spammers, so a block is placed on any sign-ups using those email addresses. There's a huge list of banned email domains in the Testing Ground section somewhere.

If your ISP lets you create a different email address/account, you could use that to sign up again under a different username, I suppose.

little mac
25-Mar-09, 00:31
not sure what a spammer is but thanks think got rest of it

25-Mar-09, 00:58
Apologies, list of banned mail domains is here (http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=1275), in Forum Rules.

And spammers = bad people. Usually on a forum like this they are actually automated bots that post endless adverts for their dubious 'services', much like all the unwanted email spam we all get.