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22-Mar-09, 17:36
Hi, can anyone recommend someone to lay a few carpets. We are going to price the carpets, but we may find it'll be cheaper to lay them ourselves. If so, i'd like a couple of suggestions, cheers.

22-Mar-09, 22:21
For excellent choice of carpets at very reasonable prices (I had whole house done last year at less than the Carpet Right quote when their big sale was on) I recommend Plowmans carpets in Wick. Staff are really helpful and no hard sell, just the quality and colour choice of all the rest of the carpet trade put together. Carpet fitters left no rubbish at all, only the left over carpet that I had asked for, neatly rolled in a cupboard. Left them a key, went to Inverness for the day and came home to a whole house of newly laid carpet door to door.

Absolutely brilliant.

23-Mar-09, 15:42
Best Carpet Fitter I know of is Richard King.

He Removed my Old Living Room Carpet and Fitted the new one, he also fixed the Loose Stair Carpet. All in under 1 Hour and for a really low price. He was Very Quick, efficent, friendly and Highly Skilled.

What more could you ask for, Oh yes one more thing he turned up on time as well.

23-Mar-09, 16:09
without a doubt Murray Anderson


Carpet Right are not in the same league as this guy!!!

23-Mar-09, 18:18
I used A & D and they were quick,tidy and very cheap.there was a delay on one of my carpets but they kept me "in the loop" the whole time.
They even put down smooth edge free of charge as i had to wait for the carpet(not their fault).
Cant fault them for speedy effecient service.

Fanny's Your Aunt
25-Mar-09, 08:56
Can't fault David Blackwood (Halkirk) he arrives when he says he will be there and does a neat and tidy job

Billy Boy
25-Mar-09, 11:42
Can't fault David Blackwood (Halkirk) he arrives when he says he will be there and does a neat and tidy job

Totally agree and he is very reasonable aswell :D