View Full Version : I've had a splurge....

percy toboggan
21-Mar-09, 18:03
...not the incident with the tomato ketchup last night - dropped a bottle from the fridge onto the unforgiving quarry tiled floor. The resultant red gusher splashed ketchup all over a two week old pair of light suede hush-puppy type shoes. Glass everywhere too - eeh I did cuss. I've had a twenty four spell of droppages, spillages and general ham fistedness

Oh! and ketchup stains ! I digress..

No...what I mean to say is I've bought three dvd's this week. All of which I've seen before.
As my wage earning has hit the buffers - temporarily - I thought it best to get 'em now while I can . I've an eye to the future and want to watch a couple of 'em with my Grandaughter as she gets old enough.

Shane - one of my favourite westerns...Alan Ladd stood on a wooden crate some of the time and battling it out with a menacing Jack Palance. Brilliant.

Towering Inferno - Loved this in the seventies when I saw it at the cinema with Mrs.T. 1974 I think. Robert Wagner was interviewed on the radio t'other day and he sounds such a charming chap it brought back memories of this stellar casted blockbuster. Might watch this tonight actually.

Layer Cake - A double disc edition for just three quid. I like this stylish gangster romp even though it's about drugs - which usually get up my nose -I think Daniel Craig is excellent in it and it's very fast moving. Good performance from Sally Hawkins and a few others including Colm Meaney. Almost believable...and I really like it.

Set me back about fourteen quid altogether - not at all bad.Throw in a Pub Quiz thing for 2.99 from Morrisons and we're sorted for well....a week at least ;)

percy toboggan
22-Mar-09, 08:37
Stood up very well indeed. Filmed in the mid-seventies with a stellar cast you have probably seen it. I caught it at the cinema mid-seventies and have seen it just the once since - a long, long time ago.

Two and a half hours sped by last night.

Not too many special effects everything onscreen was utterly believable to someone who knows nowt about architecture or fighting fires.
Probably the best disaster movie made - no wonder so many followed.

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen reminded me why they have such legendary status as actors.

Well worth the four quid I paid for it and it's a welcome addition.