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20-Mar-09, 14:27
My brother and I were meant to have an 18th birthday party in the Norseman on the 28th of March (a week tomorrow!!), my best friend was also meant to be having a party on the 11th of April, as well as two other girls who were meant to be having a joint party on the 18th of April.
Yesterday my friend recieved a phone call informing her that all parties had been cancelled! :( The company still have not actually phoned to tell me that our party is no longer on, It was my friend who told me,I then had to phone the two other girls who had no idea what was happening. Contacted Head Office and they knew nothing about the parties being cancelled, attempted to contact the manager or The Royal in thurso and he refused to take any calls....instead he got another member of staff on the phone to do his dirty work!!
Their reason for cancelling the parties is the fact that they are 18th's......which is fair enough due to underage drinking and stuff....but the company knew that it was an 18th party when they accepted the booking of all 3 parties.


24-Apr-09, 14:45
Why doesnt that surprise me!! I have had the same problem trying to contact the management there too! C'est la Vie

24-Apr-09, 17:38
There is no management there to contact ,the hotel is up for sale !