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20-Mar-09, 13:19
Does anyone in Wick do this?

20-Mar-09, 18:44
What about the printers in beside the Florist in River Street? (The Flower Patch)

20-Mar-09, 21:39
Does anyone in Wick do this?

Stuart Rollinson from Carbon Co is very good, he will even come to your house and deliver them too you too. He's from Thurso, his mobile number is 07525 619 394.

He is very good and very much recommended.

Katy x

21-Mar-09, 22:00
I would recommend Stuart too.

I know he is hard to get a hold of. I have tried to get in contact with him for sometime.

22-Mar-09, 09:33
Stuart Rollinson from Carbon Co is very good and he has a web page so you can see them if you google the name Carbon Co. I got T shirts which were good quality and well done and very resonable priced

22-Mar-09, 20:18
Anytime I ever got in touch with him i'd usually send him a text message or you can do an enquiry via his website or drop him a e-mail he usually gets back quickly.

Katy x

24-Mar-09, 19:01
Thanks for the replies, i emailed Carbon Co.