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19-Mar-09, 21:01
Anyone with a decent knowlege about overclocking visit this thread ?

Have a query regarding memory clock speed when O'c ing the CPU.

Any advice or theorys to keep a stable machine ?

19-Mar-09, 22:49
What motherboard have you got, what bios are you using. What processor is it?
What ram modules have you got as well.....model number?

Also, why are you overclocking out of interest.....gaming purposes?

Are you using standard cooling methods or have you uprated your fans/heatsinks or using liquid cooling?

19-Mar-09, 23:53
Striker Extreme mobo (latest Bios 18.01)
Q6600 2.4Mhz (O'cd 2.8Mhz)
Cooler Master Eclipse
2 x 2gb OCZ PC2 6400 (Nvidia SLI Edition) 800Mhz standard @ the moment

Currently all voltages are Bios controlled. Not a clue what i should be setting them @ on manual.

Runs pretty stable @ the moment without touching the ram, should i do so i get frequent lockups.

Yeh gaming PC

20-Mar-09, 19:53
pm sent mate