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19-Mar-09, 15:41
I have an acer aspire 3100 laptop . The battery stopped charging whilst installing a Vista update and the laptop crashed (it has since ran startup repair and is working as lethargic as ever!).
Now my battery isnt charging , it charges with another power supply with a longer jack and with a bit of movement it stays charging .
If the fault is internal where could I get the power "port?" on the back of my laptop repaired and how much would I expect to pay ?

Thanks for your help !

19-Mar-09, 15:51
This post (http://forum.caithness.org/showpost.php?p=501835&postcount=1) might be of help.

20-Mar-09, 14:17
Thanks for all your help Paul, i am on my way to ordering a 5 quid jack , nice one