View Full Version : For the male golfer only!

18-Mar-09, 19:03
Have you ever been caught short whilst out golfing? Do you find yourself hiding in the nearby shrubbery answering natures call? What you need is this (http://www.uroclub.com/) and your problem is solved.

Here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwU8n4AOQl0) is how you use it.

What I found very funny is the lady in the video saying it looks like you are just checking out your club....that you are hiding with a towel!!! [lol]

18-Mar-09, 20:19
How are you supposed to fit it in? :eek:

19-Mar-09, 13:47
no way i dont believe that 1, are people to shy to just whip said gentleman and let it do its doos, i play "where did that ball" also know as golf to some people and i have never seen any 1 that shy ???

17-Apr-09, 21:38
would be far funnier if the whole club was hollow and then a "sprinkler system" built into the club head ...... saves carying a "full club" lol:lol: