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18-Mar-09, 17:29
Looking to start driving lessons very soon. Getting mixed reviews - anybody have any recommendations on instucters in the Thurso area?
Any advice gratefuuly recieved.

18-Mar-09, 17:41
There was big right ups on this site not that long ago about driving instructors. Best in Thurso at moment are Nicola and John Mowat in my opion. That what most others were say as well, but i can not say anything cause i not sure of the rest.

18-Mar-09, 19:02
Beverly Durrand has just started in Thurso, though I can't tell you anymore than that, I know she is beginning to take people on. Tel 892438.
Most people I've spoken to recommend Eric Gunn but he is well booked up.

19-Mar-09, 14:00
I'd definately resommend Eric Gunn. I learnt to drive with him and he definately made me feel better about my driving, as I was really really nervous!

20-Mar-09, 16:19
I would definitely NOT recommend Quick Pass Highland - paid him 425 last august (7 months ago!), and despite several attempts to get in touch with him it looks like he's disappeared with my cash! So now im down 425 and STILL have no driving licence!!

If you have any advice about what to do or have heard anything about this guy it would be much appreciated, has any1 else had the same experience with him??

Thanks :)

new driver
21-Mar-09, 01:47
Nicola Mowat is an excellent instructor and has both a geared and an automatic car for you to learn in.
Give her a ring. Her details are on the business pages.
Hope you manage to get fitted in.

26-Mar-09, 18:07
i had bad experience with kwikpass also STAY CLEAR ( WROTE MY EXPERIENCE ON THOMS83 POSTS)
luckly i got in touch with brian gordon (895872) he is brilliant!! genuine guy. passed first time. Brian also keeps same slot for you each week which i found a bonus.

28-Mar-09, 07:05
This is a public reply to budge999 from Nicola Mowat, one of instructors this person is slagging off. I do not recall this person only having four lessons then me texting to stop any future lessons. Then to go on to say that John, my husband, hangs on to pupils and they know of a "lad" having over 50 lessons. Has it never occured to Budge999 that not all pupils are natural drivers and occasionally an instructor, and all instructors will admit to this, that some pupils will take more than the national average number of lessons which is around 48 lessons. To publically slag off a local business is inexcusable. I have had, over the past 22 years of instruction, many many delighted customers in fact just ask the five pupils that passed last week, five passes out of five tests I think that speaks for itself.

28-Mar-09, 11:59
i would definately recommend John or Nicola mowat. I took my lessons with John 2 years ago and he always made me feel at ease had lesson at the same time every week and i passed first time:D

Miss E
28-Mar-09, 22:39
Hi there

Nicola Mowat 100% gets my vote, she is great, of which I can say by experience, if you prefer a guy her husband John is just as great.

Cheers :)