View Full Version : Conservatories in Caithness

Humerous Vegetable
18-Mar-09, 10:57
I'm looking to have a conservatory built, but am having problems getting quotes from local companies. Sinclairs never seem to have anybody available, or the phone is permanently engaged. Norscot never got back to me. Has anybody got any recommendations from companies who have given good reliable service up here, at a reasonable price?

18-Mar-09, 11:21
homebase are pretty good

18-Mar-09, 11:33
Cairngorm were brilliant - tidied up behind them, left premises neat and tidy - no fuss - got on with the job in hand.

18-Mar-09, 15:49
I agree - Cairngorm were excellent and, unlike Easter Ross, did not use negative selling tactics regarding their opposition. This alone got them the contract as the prices were much about such. I too contacted a number of local businesses who seemed less than interested in the job.

They were no slackers either - in and out in 6 weeks, and that included new windows & doors throughout (with associated woodwork), a front porch with shower/toilet (with all associated supply & drainage works), and the conservatory on the back - all beautifully finished and tidied afterwards.

There is one point I'd like to make though. We opted for 35mm polycarbonate roofing and were told by the Cairngorm rep. that we'd not need any heating in the conservatory, however we decided to proceed with an 18" storage heater anyway just in case. As it turns out this was nowhere near adequate so, during the cooler months, the place was hardly used at all because it was too darned cold. A few months ago a knowledgable friend put in some click-together angle framework and 2" thick polystyrene tiles which has made the place entirely habitable even during the winter months. Obviously this means no light in through the roof but it was a necessary trade-off. So, depending on your intended use, I'd either recommend the glass or thicker polycarbonate roof options, or even a solid roof with insulation may suit better (or of course a higher level of heating / underfloor etc.).

Best of luck.