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15-Mar-09, 14:05
This morning off Lybster i saw 3 Large Dolphins surface at 08.50. 15-3-09
They surfaced just the once with 2 of them just showing their dorsals.
The 3rd was much higher in the water and i could see it was white forward of the dorsal and white along the side.
The sighting only lasted a matter of seconds, but at least it broke my duck for 2009.

Whitebeaked Dolphins are a large Dolphin that can tolerate the cold waters of the far North and remains at high latitudes throughout the year.
They were quite common in the Moray Firth, not seen so often now.
In the past thousands of these animals were butchered by the people of the Faroe Islands for meat.
Large number are killed in fishing nets each year. (bycatch)


16-Mar-09, 00:37
When are the fishing fleets going to adopt dolphin friendly nets?
What's the point of trying to protect a species when so many are allowed to die painful deaths and have their carcases thrown overboard to wash up on our coasts.
Makes one wonder why with all the so called progress we are still ravishing the planet.
Good to know that there are still a few around, hope you manage to spot many more seabird.