View Full Version : Blue screen - Help !!

14-Mar-09, 22:25
Hi, my daughter has started to have problems with her laptop. It runs very slow, cannot connect to the internet, and finally we get a blue screen with the message "Kernal-Data-InPage Error" I ran the ccleaner in safe mode a couple of times, and this seemed to help initially, but i'm now back at square one!! Any advice would be greatly received. Thanks.

15-Mar-09, 14:29
Trace back any changes / additions to the compter, maybe try a system restore back to that date.

Could try windows repair also, but i don't recall it ever working for me.

Aslo run a Virus scan !

Check for Hard Disk space.Un-necessary programes in start up (check msconfig for startup items, remove non-essential progs.) NOT Advised if your unsure what your doing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necessary).