View Full Version : Metalattakk! What have you done to yourself?!!

10-Mar-09, 23:24

10-Mar-09, 23:44
Shut up Moncur

10-Mar-09, 23:44

11-Mar-09, 02:36


Jebus, that's a shocker! And I should know...I did the same thing the last time I got my hair cut (Jan 4th, 2000). In fact, I still have the ol' chap tucked away in a drawer somewhere. :D

The funny thing is, I didn't like my hair short at all. It just didn't feel right. So I just gave in and grew the ol' 'tail back.

Certainly, it doesn't look as good as it did, and it looks far from the 'good old days' when I had a full head of luxurious flowing locks, but y'know what?

I don't care. I like it. I'm happier with my straggly ol' ponytail than ever I was with short hair.

I wonder if Sir Francis will feel the same way, given time?

11-Mar-09, 20:15
It looks like they managed to get a bit of francis' left ear as well.

12-Mar-09, 01:47
moncur, what the hell are you doing reading the Daily Mail?

The Pepsi Challenge
12-Mar-09, 05:24
I ken Rossi's an old gadge, but he actually looks older without his ponytail.

12-Mar-09, 07:10
Maybe francis will now turn into a riffin rock god.Maybe his ponytail has been holding him back but now he has set the puppy free away he goes!!!!;)

12-Mar-09, 14:43
Francis Rossi seems to have turned into Org poster 'Youoldduffer' :lol:

Seriously, in the second pic...separated at birth :)