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10-Mar-09, 19:27
I would just like to recommend Deanna - Deem Images Photography.

She is carrying out a project at the moment, taking photographs of newborn babies. She came out to take photos of my little monkey last week, and the photos are amazing! She did a great job, especially as my little monkey decided to practise his screaming most of the time!

If anyone is considering having photos taken of their newborn baby, I would really recommend Deanna. She is very easy to get on with, has a sense of humour which always helps, and is great with the babies - really calm and patient. She wasn't in any rush, and just took things as slowly as we needed to.

As well as the newborn babies, Deanna also takes pics of older children, and weddings etc. She takes some great artistic photos, but can do all the usual poses as well! If you are looking for something different, then take a look at her website - http://deemimages.jimdo.com/

I'll certainly be booking her to come back and take pics of the little monkey when he is 1 year old!

11-Mar-09, 12:57
I also had Deeanna take pics of my daughter late last year and would also highly recommend her, very patient and good with kids, reasonably priced too.