View Full Version : sky plus-extra rooms- magic eye- remote problems

lynne duncan
09-Mar-09, 21:48
before we got sky plus our tele system was wired up in this way, the whole system worked fine, with the remote control operating through the magic eyes and controlling sky no hastle.
But since we have got sky plus this way isn't working. The remote control will not control the sky+ unit when the system is connected as below, if we disconnect the rf2 output then the remote control will control the sky+ unit. I'm thinking that there is a feedback from the amplifier that is causing the problems. Any suggestions.

10-Mar-09, 01:49
have to do some research
but i think sky+ is a more advanced IR system that old sky box, so many of the earlier IR link system do not carry the faster pulses well.

if you have an IR retransmitter 'eye' from the distribution box that goes near the sky+ box windows, try covering it up, i bet thee remote will them work.

as for 'how' you get this going once confirmed its the Dbox, i dont know,

i'll do some reading tonight

edit/; yep as i though, diff system........http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=3279662


10-Mar-09, 11:02
Mainly this can be a cause of 2 things.

1 is what you have thought about feedback
2 is make sure the RF2 output is switched on.

To do this
4 - System Setup
then press 0, 1, Select - This gives you the installer menu.
goto 4 - RF Outlets

Make sure your RF Power supply is saying ON.
If its showing OFF then change this and select save new settings.

Try to see if the remote will work then all connected.

If its showing ON then change this to OFF and try again. Sometimes your distribution box can cause the fault from its own power supply.

Let me know how you get on.