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27-Aug-01, 19:04
I never find anyone in the chat rooms when I log on which can vary from day til day, is it a nocturnal thing or fit?

27-Aug-01, 22:56
hi, sorry you have not managed to find anyone in the chat room yet colin, but people usually use the room from 9pm onwards, but this can vary, on a thursday night, we have a quiz night, which starts at 8.30. look forward to chatting to you soon

14-Sep-01, 13:51
is tihs colin bruce fae scarfskerry.

14-Sep-01, 18:08
No I'm fae Week originally sorry!

25-Oct-01, 10:45
if you know who beilag is colin your my cousin......????

26-Oct-01, 10:47
aye aye min fits goin on in mintlaw???

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