View Full Version : Holiday Accommodation in Wick?

05-Mar-09, 17:23
Hi guys,

I have friends from Edinburgh coming to Wick for a couple of days.

They have asked me for recommendations on where to stay in Wick, and in particular, are asking about the Blackstairs self catering apartments at the Harbour, and Netherby Bed and Breakfast in Northcote Street.

Can anyone personally recommend either of these places?

Thanks in advance for any info.

05-Mar-09, 19:49
Have had family stay in Blackstairs self catering apartments and not one complaint. It is all very nice there I believe.
For B & B it has to be Isobel Leask in Port Dunbar. She is great.

06-Mar-09, 04:49
I have a pal who runs the holiday apartments in union street down past the Groat office, same side, in the building where the restaurant was, cant think what it is called. She send s brochures to anyone interested, they are very nice.

06-Mar-09, 04:54
A pal has the holiday apartments in union street, cant think of the name, down from the groat office, same side. the building used to be a restaurant. she also has a house the Corner Town House in in Brown place to let. The accomodation is lovely. Her name is anne Campbell.
Another lovely place is the round house, the white round house at the harbour. The ground floor flat is for holiday lets.