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05-Mar-09, 13:53
Can anyone advise on O2 Brodband, contract with AOL is up for renewal, have been with them for 6 years and found them really good. I am tempted to go for the 7 something odd with O2 but dont want to fix it cos it aint broken scenario, if you know what i mean. Have read some feedback on O2 and most of it seems to be positive, however, there are some complaints about the speed (those people may be in really remote areas or other ongoing issues) so any feedback from the Caithness / Thurso would be very much appreciated.

06-Mar-09, 14:08
O2 get generally excellent reviews although as you say recently there have been some complaints due to the demand on the service. However they are apparently upgrading in April to help with this.

I can't get the really cheap O2 deal on the Watten exchange as it isn't an LLU one. An LLU exchange is one where O2 or another ISP have added their own equipment meaning they can offer cheaper prices. ISPs only tend to do this in well populated areas and I doubt any in Caithness have been upgraded. As such it may not be any/much cheaper than your current deal.

06-Mar-09, 18:14
i looked into this before i went to tiscali and it said that it wasnt available in my area (mount pleasant thurso) ... so i was quite disapointed because it does look like a really good offer!

06-Mar-09, 18:18
I have it in Mount pleasant area and it is very good but the 7 offer was not available to me, not sure what I pay. It has not been so good the last couple of weeks but I am blaming the engineers who have been working on phone lines or something cos it was perfect until then.

06-Mar-09, 19:14
Thx for your comments folks, i have done a wee bit of research today and as mentioned earlier, the cheap option is not and will not be available in the Thurso area. Called AOL back and they reduced my Broadband from 17.99 to 15.99 per month so better than nothing i spose. Probably will stay with them, just need to find out whether i should cancel the 2.99 oer month McAfee security though. The woman said i should as AOL have std security in place, so on to another venture. Thx again for all those who replied