View Full Version : Bands in the area.

05-Mar-09, 12:09
I know there is a similar thread done recently and hopefully this will get same helpful response.

We have our shindig in August and are looking for bands in the area. I have heard good things about Ian Sinclair if anyone has any contacts?

05-Mar-09, 12:28

Should get to to After Hours R & B Revue Ians band and we are just astonishingly good!
Lol .
You just missed the outing of the new and improved version at the Newmarket last friday we all had fun and the audience seemed keen too.
Not sure if we are able to do the gig but Ian will be able to help.

05-Mar-09, 19:51
Hey I PM'd you but I'm not sure if it worked. It tells me I have no items in my Sent Items...

Hope you got it!