View Full Version : washing machine repairs

04-Mar-09, 22:14
just wondering if anybody knows anyone that fixes washing machines in the county thanks

04-Mar-09, 22:24
I think that there is a bloke in Thurso called Thurso Appliances but I dont have his number, but I think I got it off the org before. Maybe someone more organised than me will have it. Anyway, he was really reasonable, came round to look at it very quickly and fixed it no bother.

05-Mar-09, 12:07
I use Alan Cameron at Alacam on Olrig Street Thurso. If it is a big job and the machine has to go away to the workshop or if parts take a while to get here there is usually a machine to hire which is installed instead of your own and saves the hassle of launderette visits and works out much cheaper too.

Excellent service from a local lad.