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percy toboggan
04-Mar-09, 19:30
...taped off the telly last Satruday night. It was on quite late - across the witching hour and I'm not surprised. I caught up with it last night - in bed.

It's set in Glasgow - on mean streets and council schemes where graffiti abounds and life can be a struggle. Where men are hard and the Tennants flows...and too many look gaunt, wasted and shallow faced.

The plot revolves around the central character who works in a cctv surveillance studio.

She appears quite lonely , and very ordinary but she has a tragic past as is revealed later. She recognises someone on camera - someone from her tragic past and seeks to engineer a meeting with him for reasons unknown but which become all too clear.

This is a low budget homespun movie but as someone who collects Scottish output I'm glad to have it. It's a novel idea. The film would have been an 18 cert. I would hope. I have never seen such graphic sex scenes in a mainstream movie. They are not always pleasant and there is a pervasive air of tawdry, cheap and urgent copulation threaded through the plot. Not for shrinking violets or the prim amongst us but I did catch meself wincing once or twice....that's wincing. Lot sof ba dlanguage too, predictably.

However, if you rise above the sleaze and sympathise with our heroine who is really a fine upstanding, though sad lass with a lust for healthy revenge this film is worth taking a walk on the cheap side. I warmed to the gerral though her ulterior motives were flawed.

Incidentally, although the scale of surveillance is perhaps a trifle overstated it's a grim indication of just how scrutinised we are becoming as a society.

04-Mar-09, 21:33
My Dad was telling me about this, gutted I missed it :(

28-Mar-09, 18:41
Good movie. I know the guy (Tony Curran) who plays the lead. Mad, mental Celtic fan