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04-Mar-09, 17:45
i was wondering if anyone knew of any particular places you can go to spot dolphins, whales, otters etc. (obviously when they are in the area!)

maybe places that wouldnt normally be found by, for example, someone knew to the area or a tourist? places that dont have a website?

i know there is a path around the cliff in scarfkerry that is great for seeing the killer whales (or orcas) when they are here, tips like this would be greatly appreciated?

can anyone help me?......

04-Mar-09, 23:54
Hi there, I've been visiting Caithness for years and despite all my best efforts have never managed to see an otter or a whale although have seen the Bay Porpoises and loads of seals.
As far as I know there is no cliff path along by Scarfskerry in fact there is a dirth of coastal paths in the county.
There are several whale watchers on the forem and they do make frequent posts as to where they are being seen.Mind you despite that last summer each time I went east they appeared west and vice versa!
Good luck, hope you have success and watch for posts from kas and Seabird.

05-Mar-09, 09:46
Strathy Point is very, very good for whales, dolphins and porpoises - park your car at Totegan car park, walk down towards the lighthouse and watch which ever side of the point has the calmest sea.

I've always had luck with seals at Ham, parking at the old mill and then walking onto the headland opposite the farm, lying on the edge and watching the rocks below.

Otters I can't help you with - the only time I've seen one I was in the Somerfield car park in Wick and didn't have my camera with me!

07-Mar-09, 00:15
I have seen otters (early morning and to dark for photos) in wick behind the doctors and, had the sea been up to the top of the harbour wall in wick, could have touched a bottle nosed dolphin .. there were 3 of them and they came in VERY close :D. My G/F had never seen dolphins and as soon as i spotted them out playing by the dredger i called her and she was there like a shot, just glad she remembered to bring the camera