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04-Mar-09, 09:25
Many moons ago (1975ish) I watched a film called "Executive Action" and found it intriguing.

It is a conspiracy theory movie about the assasination of JFK where business men and right wingers are disgruntled by JFK's civil rights, Vietnam policies etc. and decide to set up a plot to kill him but making it look like a deranged single gunman carried out the attack. It is interspersed with actual newsreel footage.

I recently saw it again on the TCM TV channel. It is quite a good watch, but what struck me was the statistics just before the final credits. If true it certainly adds weight to the conspiracy theory. I know there is some doubt about the actual odds stated.

If you drag the video play "thingy" along to about the 6 mins 20 secs mark and watch the last bit you will see what I mean


Anyone else seen the film?