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Calvin And Hobbes
03-Mar-09, 23:51
Hi there

Looking for a little info or help. Our club is needing to hire out a mini bus / coach within the next few weeks.

Unfortunately our normal hire company are unable to do this next run for us and I was wondering what any of the local companies are like?

Any info (good or bad!!!!) on prices, reliability, etc etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

03-Mar-09, 23:58
theres a good bus company in rogart called macleods coaches dont know much about thier prices though im afraid

Calvin And Hobbes
04-Mar-09, 00:03
Thanks for that - that's who we always use!!!

They're fantastic - but unfortunately not available for this trip :~(.

04-Mar-09, 10:55
Try D&S Coaches Inverness or Harrolds Coaches Keiss

04-Mar-09, 13:10
I would try the "Caithness Sprots Council" they have a Mini Bus you can hire. Click on the link below for details of their Mini Bus Hire and conditions.


The Sports Council has a minibus which can be hired out for sporting (and sometimes other) purposes. This is an LDV Convoy, 17 seater, with disabled ramp if required.

04-Mar-09, 15:53
Hi there,
we have book tim dearman coaches from ardross for our next trip away. he has a website.
Can't say what he is like yet though as we aren't going away until april.

Hope this helps

Calvin And Hobbes
04-Mar-09, 21:35
Thanks for all your replies.

Will pass on all the info.

Many thanks again :)