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03-Mar-09, 18:51
social services admit to making a serious error in judgement in placing a known sex offender in a foster home without telling the fosterers of his background , he then went on to abuse their 9 and 2 year old children.
How many horrendous mistakes do these people get to make before things are shaken up, big time.
This is absolutely unbelievable.
http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Foster-Family-Horror-Vale-of-Glamorgan-Council-Admits-Errors-After-Disturbed-Teen-Attacked-Kids/Article/200903115232944?lpos=UK_News_News_Your_Way_Region_ 1&lid=NewsYourWay_ARTICLE_15232944_Foster_Family_Hor ror%3A_Vale_of_Glamorgan_Council_Admits_Errors_Aft er_Disturbed_Teen_Attacked_Kids

03-Mar-09, 19:03
I read this today and have to say it horrified me. How social services could place a known sex offender in a family with small children without letting the foster parents know of his past record, astonishes me. They remove children from homes where there is a possibility of abuse but knowingly place a sex monster in a home with vulnerable children. This should never have happened and someone has to answer for it. How many more blunders are they going to make and get away with at the expense of poor innocent children. It makes my blood boil.[disgust]

03-Mar-09, 19:11
I actually heard it on the news last night but was listening with half an ear so just thought they could not have possibly said what they actually did.

Sorry absolutely does not cut it, these poor children have been through hell due to an "error of judgement".
I know social services do a tough job but even the stupidest person would see this placement as a really bad idea.

03-Mar-09, 19:15
If you knowingly do something or allow something to happen and it ends up a crime doesn't that make you an accessory to the act/fact. To put someone/something in danger, knowing that information you have can and would prevent the likelihood of a crime puts you in the frame as far as I'm concerned. So these people involved with the placement should be prosecuted as well, it will bring faith in a system that has taken a right pounding in the last few years and quite rightly so.:confused

03-Mar-09, 19:19
I am sure had the parents taken this boy (I heard 18) in knowing his history and he had abused their children then social services would have grilled them thoroughly and made their lives hell, but hey social services made a mistake so sorry is enough.......grrrr

percy toboggan
03-Mar-09, 19:22
This was a dreadful error and heads should roll.
I'm not sure why the couple in question opened their home - and exposed their own two kids to a late teenage bloke - maybe they were skint and did it for the dosh - about two hundred quid a week I hear...maybe not. Maybe they're just altruists. Whatever, they did not deserve this and their poor kids didn't either. I
Just imagine if you can being at the mercy of an interloper in the place you feel the safest.

The abuser must stay locked up for life - he's an habitual offender. Anyone who can do what he did to a two year old is not worthy of a second chance - let alone more.

The Social Workers in charge of these placements should be sent for re-training...as a binman.Where they might prove more effective to the community.

03-Mar-09, 19:45
No Percy T - they should not be sent for retraining. I believe there are institutions where picking up the soap in the showers can be a painful experience - a minimum of 5 years in one of these places would not be enough imo.

03-Mar-09, 21:41
i am so tired of hearing about social work blunders and how sorry they are and how lessons will be learnt...but they never are.:(