View Full Version : Missing -young cat

02-Mar-09, 23:42
Telephone to Cats Protection League today :
Missing- approx. 8 Month old cat . Cleo is pure black and is wearing a silver, diamond collar. She is recently neutered and went missing from the Bremners Walk area of Wick on Saturday. Please check garages sheds etc. in case she has wandered in by mistake . Please PM if you see Cleo or have any information concerning her Thank you

03-Mar-09, 00:14
Would be nice to hear if Cleo finds her way home......hope she does.

05-Mar-09, 17:51
GOOD NEWS ! Cleo found safe and well !

05-Mar-09, 17:54
That's great news. Hope she's learned her lesson and doesn't put you through all the worry again.:D