View Full Version : Frog Spawn

south view 7
01-Mar-09, 22:03
Saw this yesterday in our well,a sighn of spring around the corner.http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u217/southview7/ellensgeo016.jpg

06-Mar-09, 22:50
Or a sign you have an underground gas leak. :D

06-Mar-09, 23:29
I haven't seen frog spawn since I was a bairn.

Lovely to see. Thanks!:D

06-Mar-09, 23:51
Brilliant to see, are you still allowed to gather frog spawn or is that now a no no?

07-Mar-09, 00:26
Frogspawn at Dunnet Head yesterday. One week later than last year at the same place.

07-Mar-09, 01:15
That's cos frogs don't buy calenders.

07-Mar-09, 20:55
I saw some today in one of the wet fields out beside me, I too hadn't seen it since I was a bairn either, which was some time ago now!!

Kevin Milkins
09-Mar-09, 00:00
After a long winter it is so refreshing to see all the signs that spring is on it's way.

The snow drops, daffs, and frog spawn are great, but for me it's seeing the clematus come to life . :Razz