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01-Mar-09, 11:41
Confession time - tho' I've rented and borrowed lots of DVDs, and buy them as presents for other people, I myself possess the grand total of 4. :roll:

All given to me I might add!

I'd like to start buying them for myself, but just don't know where to start....what with all the old favourites and new ones coming out.

I have literally thousands of books and loads of CDs gathered over the years (not to mention my Eeyore, cats and elephants collections!) so thinking of building up a collection of anything from scratch feels really daunting.

I have very little money to spare, tho' I could always sell some of the books that are gathering dust, and maybe allocate at least some of the proceeds to DVD buying. :)

But where do I begin? :confused

Help, please!

percy toboggan
01-Mar-09, 11:44
Maybe ask for recommendations of movies that are at least four or five years old - they're cheaper.
Amazon is my first stop but e.bay can be good.
Others mentioned here are probably just as good.
Do you like romantic comedies/historical stuff/period dramas/war/what?
List five of your favourite movies and give us an idea Angela.

01-Mar-09, 12:01
Do you like romantic comedies/historical stuff/period dramas/war/what?
List five of your favourite movies and give us an idea Angela.

Ummmm. :eek: Well that does make me focus a bit, thanks percy.

Films from My Yoof -the 60s/70s - like The Graduate, Easy Rider, Midnight Cowboy.

'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and others of that ilk.

French films. Comedies, especially French ones like 'Taxi'.

I love (almost all) thrillers. I'm trying to get hold of a copy of 'Z' -which combines being a thriller, a French film and dating back to about 1970 when I saw it at the cinema. :)

percy toboggan
01-Mar-09, 15:40
Boxed sets are a good way to get a few films for a reasonable price.
Last Christmas my daughter bought me a boxful of about twelve Hitchcock movies - probably under 15 as she's not flushed. Many a 'thriller' in there.

01-Mar-09, 20:31
Angela I get my DVDs from HMV,Sendit, Play.com and Amazon.Sometimes from Ebay but needs to be from a reputable seller.

With them all (apart from Amazon), if you shop through Quidco, you can get discounts.
Also when watching previews before the main film I jot down the names of films which I like the look of.

Amazon is really good for reviews. HMV, Sendit and Play.com also have some reviews.

I would never pay full price for DVDs and buy loads when there are sales and special offers.

I then sell them on Amazon.:D

percy toboggan
03-Mar-09, 18:18
All of us with big collections should donate one to Angela to get her started.
Ones we think are turkeys but she might like.
I have a few candidates here - which gives me an idea for a whole new thread

03-Mar-09, 18:32
Liz, many thanks for your helpful suggestions. :)

Percy, I'm bracing myself for that turkey you're about to hurl in my direction..... [para][para]

(All donations gratefully received ....)

kitty kat
09-Mar-09, 15:12
ebay now sell all dvds with free postage