View Full Version : I Am Sam

01-Mar-09, 11:15
I Am Sam is on tv tonight, on Film4, Sky ch. 315 for those that can receive it. It starts at 6.25, with another start at 7.25 on Film4+1 ch. 316

Did anyone manage to watch "I Am Sam" last night. What did you think of Sean Penn's performance, the topic, and how many had a dry eye??

percy toboggan
01-Mar-09, 11:25
I only noticed it was on after it had started but we had visitors.
I've heard about this film and will try to check it out soon, although from what I know of the subject matter it's not my usual cup o' tea if I'm honest.

01-Mar-09, 11:29
I never watched it last night but i have seen it before, i thought the film was very well done, and as usal sean penn was amazing in it..............

02-Mar-09, 20:06
I saw this film a while ago and really enjoyed it although I did shed a few tears.

A great and very credible performance by Sean Penn.