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27-Feb-09, 22:03
had a hair cut today in a hair salon recommended to me but was very disappointed. the stylist didn't do what i asked her...no where near what i wanted. she was finished in about ten minutes including the washing of my hair and then i practically had to take out a loan to pay for it. i tried to argue with her that it wasn't what i wanted but she said that would mean doing it all again and what i wanted wouldn't look right. even though i knew it would! i had it done last year!

so basically i am asking does any one know of a good hair dresser who does exactly what you want and wont force their opinions on you? i'm willing to pay but not double figures (teens!) for something i don't want.
help appreciated:)

27-Feb-09, 22:15
That is the most annoying thing ever.........I remember getting my hair cut years ago and my boss at the time sending me straight back to get it fixed as the girl had made a complete hips of the back but I obviously couldn't see it.....It also was not what I had asked for.

27-Feb-09, 22:26
well for a ten minute job, something i dont even want, i think it's very expensive. she wouldn't even fix it...and i suppose i was too soft to keep fighting. im annoyed. now i have to get it done properly. it's so frustrating.
do any of the wick hair dressers have websites?

27-Feb-09, 22:53
I've been going to Dena at Kut Above in Wick for years, she's very good and believe me I'm really fussy! Their number is 602475