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27-Feb-09, 19:00
What socialisation classes are there around? I know of the Ringcraft classes at Wick but I wondered what else there is. This is just for a puppy so I don't really need obedience classes just yet - that'll come later.

01-Mar-09, 16:16
The ring craft has stopped now its just puppy classes and obedience now at 8pm in wick with caithness canine club there is also puppy and dog classes in bower on Sundays with carolyn poulton from labador rescue but if its just Socialisation that you require maybe you can start meeting up with others for a walks with young dogs, i've 3 pups that know our other dogs and some friends but no others ! :) hope this is helpful !

01-Mar-09, 22:29
If your pup has had its vaccinations why not try Carolyne Poulton at Bower, 10am on a Sunday morning for the puppy class, the classes include socialisation as well as training, better to start with the obedience sooner rather than later!

Carolyne is brill by the way!

01-Mar-09, 22:52
helllo, but i think i've already mentioned Carolyne's classes :roll:

01-Mar-09, 22:55
Yes I know, I was just emphasising that Carolyne includes socialisation in her puppy classes, I'm sure Carolyne would be chuffed with as many recommendations as possible!

01-Mar-09, 23:05
So do, Caithness Canine club in fact most dog training classes are mainly about Socialisating ! :D