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27-Feb-09, 18:39

is there anywhere decent in inverness or close to there, that have a good supply instore, of prams (double)? do mothercare have alot in the shop?

thanks for any advice

27-Feb-09, 19:54
Mothercare's urban detour double pushchair if fab. Very easy and light to push. Only draw back is it takes up a lot of room if you want one that goes in and out of the car easily.

27-Feb-09, 19:58
An umbrella pushchair for the car and a nice sturdy pram for the lovely long walks that you will be taking. lol. :D

07-Mar-09, 09:15
I always check ebay out not for second hand ones but there are suppliers on their that sell lovely and a decent price pram / double buggy,s :Razz your gonna have your hands fill i take it lol

tracy ann
10-Mar-09, 20:50
I really looked into double buggys before I got mine and was so pleased with the decision I made. If it broke tomorro I would buy another one without hesitation. i have also recommended it to loads of people. If you want a look I am quite happy to bring you my pram to see.


10-Mar-09, 21:57
Totally agree about the Mothercare Urban Detour. I had a single one of those and yes, it was the best thing out but hopeless for folding up to put in the car, it was massive!

Alice in Blunderland
18-Mar-09, 23:30
I also can recommed mothercares Urban Detour double buggy.It is rather big in the boot I threw away my first double buggy and replaced it with this one and it was worth compromising on the space. :)

I bought mine direct from mothercare on the internet as they were selling for silly prices on ebay.

I went on a sponsored walk with the girls in the pram, up and down hill through rough and smooth land and not once did I find pushing them around a strain......... in fact other folks were dumping their jackets in the basket and on the handles.

I have had many buggies ( five kids :eek: ) and this one was by far the best.

20-Mar-09, 11:59
I have been seduced by the phil and teds buggy but have an urban detour single buggy and its FANTASTIC so i dunno. Will i need one? Wont i need one? I cant remember when babies grow out of buggies - jh will be 20 months when baby arrives....how long will he need to be in his buggy