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26-Feb-09, 09:29
can anyone recommend a guitar instructor?

my daughter has a 3/4 size electric guitar and wants to learn to play it properly.

Northern Sands
27-Feb-09, 11:55
Our 9 year old son has been learning the guitar recently he first started at the pentland music shop with David however after about six weeks he was told he was not good enough and was basicly told he was not wanted back, a very disappointed child!! We then got him in with John Newton he has been with him for the last 6 weeks and the progress he has made is nothing short of amazing. would highly recomend John for a child as our one now looks forward to his lessons every week.

Johns number is: 01847 892016

27-Feb-09, 11:59
I can realy reccommend John Newton, in Thurso

He is Teaching my 6 year old son at the moment, and he is doing great.

He gets some homework and realy is proud when he practices.