View Full Version : Le Bistro

25-Feb-09, 16:28
Me and me girls were there for dinner last Friday night. As usual, service was excellent and so friendly, lovely atmosphere and cosy. Food NEVER disappoints, the girls were so chuffed with the evening that they've decided I can treat them every month......:eek:
In short peeps, good food etc etc. Give them a try ! :lol:

25-Feb-09, 18:18
I love the food in there. It is very tasty and the owner is such a lovely lady. I used to eat in there about once a week when I still lived up there!

The fish, mmm! and if you go in the evening, try the steak!!

25-Feb-09, 18:54
totally agree we were there last friday also, and it was fantastic. highly reccommend

25-Feb-09, 21:08
I agree aswell, twice i ben there, it wos fantastic, the pasta woz good and the burgers made fresh, realy tasty, b back soon!!!

25-Feb-09, 23:05
Foods great! and the chef is sexy as well