View Full Version : The Upper Deck

24-Feb-09, 12:55
We went a couple of weekends ago and really enjoyed it. The quality of the food was amazing, the staff were friendly and the prices were reasonable!


mums angels
27-Feb-09, 15:16
We were there on Tuesday night for my mothers 60th , the food was superb, there childrens menu was great and very well priced for the size of portions and the kids ate it all which is always a good sign

The staff were kind enough to set up some balloons and table confetti that we had dropped in earlier and they made it look very nice. I always look forward to my next visit

P.s Hubby says the sauce on the "godfathers sirloin" is the best he'd tasted on a steak .

27-Feb-09, 17:39
I have to agree with the good food and service at the Upper Deck. We went the day after Valentines and they still had the Valentines menu. It was very well priced and the food was excellent. Would highly recommend the Upper Deck!

05-Mar-09, 01:41
Me and a friend used to go there regularly its just not the same. Food pretty down hill in the last 4 months actually we dont go there anymore. Did here that they dont have the same staff in the kitchen as they used to.:(