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15-Feb-06, 00:02
I cannot open links in emails when running Firefox browser but they will open on Internet explorer7 beta. Used to be able to open links with Firefox. This fault has only just started to occur.

15-Feb-06, 01:51
In Firefox goto Tools/Options/Default Browser Press Check Now that will set Firefox as your default and subsequent email links will open in Firefox.

15-Feb-06, 14:36
When Firefox is the default browser the links won't open up. But if I make ie7 beta the default browser the links open up no problem. This has only started to happen since I installed ie7. Could it be some sort of conflict with ie7?

Trouble is now, if I wanted to uninstall ie7 I would have to remove it from my pc altogether and then reinstalling it from the xp cd wouldn't I? Thus losing all my files.

15-Feb-06, 15:52
Had to do a system restore. I think it must have beeen something to do with ie7 beta. Think i'll stick with firefox. Thanks anyway.

15-Feb-06, 16:04
System restore is the cure to most things!! Looks like the ie7 beta messed up your settings. Firefox is far and away the better browser - no viruses, no bugs no automatic updates (thank god!).:grin: