View Full Version : Can you recommend kids things in Inverness?

14-Feb-06, 18:10
We've done the Aquadome and the skating rink and the cinema (don't mention shopping) - can anyone recommend other activities to do with the kids in Inverness? The age range is from nearly 5 to 16. Thanks

14-Feb-06, 19:56
Rollerbowl http://www.rollerbowl.org.uk/

Black Isle Wildlife Park http://www.highlanddirectory.co.uk/blackislewildlife/

Fairways Driving Range http://www.activitypoint.co.uk/cgi-bin/list.cgi?r=inverness&e=1966(FairwaysLeisure)

14-Feb-06, 20:31
More for the summer this one.Bught park which is near the aquadome, there was a half pipe, boating etc

14-Feb-06, 21:01
More for the summer this one.Bught park which is near the aquadome, there was a half pipe, boating etc

This is a great place for the kids, even at this time of year if we are down we go there just to feed the ducks.

14-Feb-06, 21:09
There is a kids 'hands on' fun area in the museum where they can touch a limited number of exhibits.

14-Feb-06, 22:15
the wildlife park is really good.

15-Feb-06, 07:38
My lot love the ice skating

15-Feb-06, 13:31
Try the go karting outside inverness they have a tandem go kart so you can put your youngest on the back of you my kids love it.

15-Feb-06, 16:20
Its not in Inverness but my absolute favourite place when I was a kid was Landmark in Carrbridge. It is about 30 miles south of Inverness but well worth travelling to.

16-Feb-06, 09:03
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions!

What's the name of the go karting place or phone number? Do you have to book? Never done that before - sounds fun!

We'll ceratinly give the wildlife parks and the landmark centre a go when (not if) the summer arrives.

Many thanks again.

If you have any more suggestions, please add them, this has been great!

17-Feb-06, 00:36
Drum Farm is great fun. Its a working farm where the kids can feed the young animals. Theres a big barn full of hay with ropes for the kids to swing on, sit and ride kids tractors, learning area full of jigsaws and puzzles, tractor rides throughout the farm and a lovely tea room with home made soup and baking.

18-Feb-06, 22:35
With the sad demise of firstly "Tuns of Fun" and, more recently, "Brewster's Fun Factory" we were at a loss as to where to take our kids for a break from shopping. We've done the Aquadome and Landmark, both of which we'll do again when they're a little older.

We did find a nice outdoor playpark in Bellfield Park for the nicer days. There's tennis courts, a small outdoor padling pool, swings, climbing frames, roundabout, slides, other play apparatus, a building with toilets and shop (sweets, drinks, ice creams, etc.). I'm pretty sure there's also a putting green there.

It's fully enclosed for security, and the pool is set in it's own gated sub-enclosure for added water safety. The parking is not too bad but I imagine it would be quite busy on hot days. Our kids loved it there and we've even been back on a dry but overcast day and it was still a nice break for them.

To get there you should take Castle Street (which is the main road which runs past McDonalds) going up-hill, then take the right road at the traffic lights onto Haugh Road, then straight ahead onto Island Bank Road - you should see the park, it's surrounded by bushes, fencing and gates.

Hope that it's of some use to others.