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20-Feb-09, 14:21
Hi I've got an 11 year old cat who has been losing weight recently and it was discovered he is very anemic, we have been going back and fore to the vets who have been really good, but he just doesn't seem to be able to make new blood. I know that the prognosis is not good in the long term but my cat is giving a good fight against it and i wondered if anybody else had had similar and could you recommend anything else I could try, he's on a steroid and antibiotic. thanks

21-Feb-09, 00:50
So sorry to hear about your cat having problems. Did the vet tell you the cause of the anaemia as there could be a number of reasons. I don't know what you could try to help recovery as it sounds as if the vet is the best for your cat. Are his kidneys and liver okay..if they are you could enquire about a blood transfusion and dietry advice to increase iron intake. Hope your friend keeps up the fight and gets over this. Cuddles to you both.

21-Feb-09, 14:46
thanks teenybash, he's been tested for a few things only one left is the bone marrow one which I he is not really well enough to go through, his liver and kidneys are okay so far . He's having a bad day today and his blood count is really low as he's not regenerating blood, have been trying various foods I just hoped maybe somebody had been through this with their cat.

21-Feb-09, 15:22
Gunnlass, would he take some raw chopped liver? If he would an ounce a day might help him back to recovery.....lambs liver, chicken liver, they are all rich in iron and may kick start the systen to regenerate blood.....worth a try if he will take a pinch. Good luck and please keep us posted.....
Many, many moons ago my mothers cat, who was arounf 14 at the time had very similar and nothing the vet could offer made any difference. He became so thin and weak as time went on.
She would mash a little liver everyday and finger it into his mouth and just when we thought the battle was over, he began to revive, slowly day by day. He then went on to live another 5 years....so maybe it was a little miracle or maybe it was the liver. Fingers crossed for you and the pussycat.

21-Feb-09, 15:32
I had been trying cooked liver, he was eating a bit so I will do raw and persevere, thanks teenybash.

21-Feb-09, 18:44
I am so sorry your cat is poorly. I know how worrying this is.:(

I really hope that Teenybash's good advice will work.

Sending up a prayer right now!

24-Feb-09, 16:42
Wonder how the pussycat is....any improvement?

24-Feb-09, 20:27
Hi thanks for asking, he has been not bad since saturday which is good but I know that we have to just take each day at a time, tried him with raw liver, he was not impressed so cooked some and he ate quite a bit, next day though wouldn't look at it, this seems to happen with a few of his foods you think youv'e got something he really likes then he'll turn his nose at it, anyway he seems quite bright just now which is encouraging and he's not due back for a blood check until a week fri.