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20-Feb-09, 12:47
My dog has allsorts of fatty lumps and bumps and what not on his body. But I did notice quite a while back a seeping pussy hole and a hard lump under the skin. The wound was/is not causing the dog any discomfort and I thought it would just clear up. Anyway, I've been having a clearout of the garage and found my mini hand held metal detector and it bleeps over the hard lump. I'm not sure exactly when the injury was done, possibly several years ago.

Should I bother the vet about it or just leave it, max is 11 now.:confused

20-Feb-09, 12:58
if it isnt bothering him now no point in causing him any upset.

20-Feb-09, 14:10
If there is no infection I would leave well enough alone or if it is a bit pussy washing with cider vinegar would clear it up.
I remember many years ago picking shot gun pellets from a pet spaniel and the vet and I retrieved over two hundred, with many left as they were too deeply embedded into fat or muscle. The wee dog lived to tell the tale and the remaining pellets never caused her any bother and she lived out the rest of her days as a happy go lucky little soul.

20-Feb-09, 14:25
Go to the vet - if it is seeping pus then antibiotics might be needed. If it hasn't cleared up over a 'reasonable' period it needs seeing to - how long would you endure a seeping open wound?

20-Feb-09, 16:26
The entry wound is about 3 inches away from the 'pellet' at an angle 45 degrees above. He must have been shot at close range!![evil]

I'll see what the OH says, that probably means that we are going to the vet.

There are thick black hairs growing out of the wound (he is ginger) and a mound of puss underneath about just less than 0.5 inch round. That was what made me think it wasn't a gunshot in the first place. I thought it was hair follicles gone crazy. :~(

Thanks for all your advice, much appreciated.

20-Feb-09, 16:55
I didn't realize it was so bad...............vet definately as could be abcessed......best of luck and hope the fella doesn't mind his unexpected vet visit. :)

20-Feb-09, 18:32
Rheghead I am so sorry that your poor dog has been shot with an air rifle![evil]

If the poison is coming out of the abcess it should be okay as long as you keep the area clean (a saline solution would be good)but it would be better to be on the safe side and take her to the Vet. They will probably give her a course of antibiotics.

20-Feb-09, 19:33
are you sure its a pellet? could be just a bit of metal that has become embedded in/under his skin? what makes you think the dog was shot?

fingers crossed there is no ill effects either way :(

20-Feb-09, 20:12
Maybe your dog got caught in a fence or something else metal.

Dont you think you'd have noticed sooner if he was indeed shot?

In any case the dog's best off seeing the vet and they'll get to the bottom of this mystery.:)

21-Feb-09, 02:40
I'm saying it is a pellet purely because as I am the worried owner, I reserve my right to shout worst case scenario and nobody can deny me that until it gets sorted, ok? :lol: ;)

21-Feb-09, 09:22
Good luck with the vet - best option, really. You wouldn't fancy being left with a lump of lead and pus, would you. Let us know the outcome.

24-Feb-09, 17:50
Any news?

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24-Feb-09, 18:21
Verdict from the vet was that the pellet should be left alone as it has healed up completely The pussy 'entry hole' for the pellet was actually a subaceous gland which had gone infected which was what I thought all along.