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alistair harper
13-Feb-06, 23:12
Hi All

My monitor keeps flickering and turning the white parts of the screen yellow. Its only just over a year old and wondered if anyone might know what the problem is or how to fix it and what cost may be. I already did what the help desk suggested and changed the refresh rates but no joy and they didn't suggest anything else.


14-Feb-06, 23:57
From About.com:

Flicker is caused by running low refresh rates, what resolution / refresh rate are you running? If the image is shrinking this is a sign that the power supply is going bad. If this is the case I suggest you look for a new monitor soon.

Monitors are not worth repairing. The cost is often more than a new unit.

You can try upping the refresh rate to 75Hz, Have you recently moved the monitor? (magnetic fields can affect the display)

From google Groups:

1. First, look for something that might be giving your monitor fits. Do you
have speakers on either side of your monitor? Improperly shielded speakers
can cause the problems you're describing, especially if they weren't
originally intended for use as PC speakers. Try moving the speakers as far
away from your monitor as their cable allows, or just unplug them
completely, and see if the problem goes away. Maybe you have a fan, some
other motorized gizmo or a flourescent light near the monitor? All of those
can cause monitor flicker, and should be kept at least 4 feet away from your

2. Look at the cable. Inspect it for cracks, particularly where the plug for
the monitor meets the cable. Bear in mind that a crack in the outer sheath
is not a problem unless you see exposed copper wire in the crack. Even if
you don't see a crack, borrow a cable from someone else and see if that
solves the problem. If it does, return the borrowed one, buy a new one
(shouldn't cost more than $20 or so) and you're all set.

3. The next thing to do is try your monitor on someone else's PC. If the
problem still occurs, then the problem is the monitor. I wouldn't bother
trying to have it fixed, because the diagnostic charges will most likely
approach the cost of replacing it with a better monitor, and the repair cost
will most likely exceed it. Better to just replace it with a newer, larger
one. If the problem does not occur with the monitor plugged into someone
else's PC, read on.

4. The next step is to update your video card drivers. Buggy or damaged
drivers can cause monitors to freak out intermittently, and manufacturers
are constantly tweaking them. If Windows has drivers specific to your
monitor, try updating those as well.

5. If, after all this, you're still having problems, the culprit is most
likely your video card. Try swapping it out for a different one.

Good Luck!