View Full Version : Places to eat with kids in Thurso

19-Feb-09, 19:53
I would like to know, are there any GOOD places to eat in Thurso at lunch times(saturday) for families , I will be taking my tribe up to Thurso soon as my pooch gets her pampering done up there & I need to kill an hour & a half.

Ive read the Central thread & its years since I ate in there- the bouncy castle appeals to my eldest boy but is there anything else in there? Also is there anything else in Thurso for kids,because in Wick there is not!!

I often feel really sorry for tourists with wee kids coming to Wick looking for a child friendly place to eat- its embarrasing in fact, we used to have T.C`s but when Tom left, it all went a bit wrong- as if kids didnt matter.

So people of Thurso could you point me in the right direction please???

19-Feb-09, 20:12
y-not is good my wee one is 5 and she likes it in there, also pentland
there isnt much choice for places to take kids in thurso which is sad
we have taken her in the pavillon but she got bored and it is quite small, unless you have crayons and papers :D
sorry i wasnt much help

19-Feb-09, 20:40
don't know so much about the "good" but if you want to entertain them there is always the bowling alley. You can get a burger for the kids and they could have a game of bowls or play pool or the games machines