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14-Feb-09, 19:47
Well i went into the Wee Ones shop yesterday with my OH, what bargains is in there and absolutely gorgeous stuff too. Bought a few things yesterday and went back in today to get a few more things.

Very reasonable prices, lovely stuff! Would recommend this place to anybody! What a range of things too! :Razz

mums angels
14-Feb-09, 20:31
Can't say i have been in the wee ones shop since it moved, her window doesn't exactly appeal , looks awfully old fashioned stuff that she has in but as you are the second recommendation i've heard in the past week i might take a look in .

15-Feb-09, 20:54
I was not sure either, i thought the same about the window but there is really really nice little things in there! Lots of selection for boys and girls!

I got a very large cellular blanket for a rather cheap price! My son will only sleep with cellular blankets and i was sick of having to try and get it dried before bed time so invested in a new larger one from her shop! :)

Take a look inside though. Its really good.

16-Feb-09, 09:23
They also have a really nice selection of wool, well worth a visit I would say!

16-Feb-09, 10:20
Yes great place sells lovely things.

16-Feb-09, 10:39
I have always found the clothes nice but shapeless, not a great fit fot the children atall. But very pleasant staff