View Full Version : Liquid Blue Gig

Douglas Cowie
13-Feb-09, 19:52
Liquid Blue are playing in the Back Bridge Street Club, Wick on Saturday the 14th, come along and hear the new tunes they have been writing

The Pepsi Challenge
14-Feb-09, 13:07
It's been over a year(?) since we last talked about them, Douglas. The female singer ditched university to keep on with the band? How have things progressed since then?

Douglas Cowie
18-Feb-09, 20:28
Well she is back at Uni but coming home every few weeks to rehearse and play. The band are concentrating on writing new original material with a view to playing gigs further south in the Summer. As both Gregor and Craig will have left the School by then.
They also plan to do more recording and push their material via the net as realistically it's the easiest way to reach a bigger audience whilst living in the far north.
They have interest shown by Hootenanny's and the Iron Works in Inverness so that will a move south.
They have completed their 2 track EP and video with Kit Clark and have the masters. They plan to promote it around Easter.
If you PM me your address I will post you copies of both.