View Full Version : Caithness Ceramics

11-Feb-09, 18:09
I found this web site looks good http://www.caithnessceramics.co.uk/

11-Feb-09, 23:58
it does not say where shop is

John Baikie
12-Feb-09, 00:33
it does not say where shop is

The shop is here.... http://www.caithnessceramics.co.uk/


12-Feb-09, 00:41
They seem expensive for what I used to paint myself for a fraction of the price for bisque!
But I suppose it is harder to source bisque now....
I used to be able to get bisque items suitable for kids parties (for the kids to decorate themselves for a couple of quid) but im a bit out of touch now... as the person I got the pieces from has died... I have also grown up and married and had kids since... but think the prices are def. retail not for people wanting to do their own!