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10-Feb-09, 18:21
Anyone going to the View in Inverness on Sunday with spare seats in transport ?
Willing to pay share of fuel costs. Wick based.

PM me

The Pepsi Challenge
10-Feb-09, 18:22
Seeing them in Edinburgh on Thursday. Expect a report on Friday.

10-Feb-09, 19:03
i'm goin down but no spare seats i'm afraid man...

The Pepsi Challenge
13-Feb-09, 08:58
Well that was, uh... entertaining. Sort of.

13-Feb-09, 09:49
Were they as mediocre as their records suggest?

The Pepsi Challenge
15-Feb-09, 01:02
Mediocre? It was a surprise they'd actually learned to breathe.


15-Feb-09, 03:39
Really good review, especially the iraq connection. Was that an example of a non-inverted pyramid lead? Cazart indeed!

Anyway, do the view have a song called "The singer got done for doing coke so now we cant get visas to play america"?

THAT would be a song worth losing ones shoe over!

The Pepsi Challenge
15-Feb-09, 04:36
I think any problems the wee laddies have endured is due to drinking too much Coke, not snorting the stuff.