View Full Version : Bruce Springsteen's new album...

percy toboggan
03-Feb-09, 18:42
... just bought this, primarily for our impending road trip around Fife.
'Working on a Dream' it's called and he's on form! Really good music to speed the miles by ....he sounds very much like Roy Orbison on one track and 'Outlaw Pete' opens the procedings with aplomb.

There's also a great song on there for any lass who works in a Tesco/Morrsions/Sainsburys etc...'Queen of the Supermarket' sure to be popular on radio request progs.

The Boss is back.

The Pepsi Challenge
03-Feb-09, 19:06

Never heard it.

03-Feb-09, 19:20
i`ve been following the boss since i was 12 and must admit its good to hear him back at his best, his last album "magic" was infact magic, with working on a dream a close 2nd,

Hen Broon
03-Feb-09, 22:35
not heard the albumn but he put on a great show at the superbowl half time.:D