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31-Jan-09, 22:24
Hi all looking to up grade my intel sempron 3000 with a 1 gig memory for some thing newer and better, if some has the knowledge to upgrade what i have then great less i need to pay out the better, don't know if poss as cpu is two years old,

Thanks for your time and recomendations


31-Jan-09, 22:40
It really depends on your motherboard as to what you can upgrade to. If you can post the make & model then it may be possible to find a supplier able to offer a better CPU, or you may be able to get cheaper from Ebay.

Memory shouldn't be a problem to upgrade, but again it depends on the motherboard.

Post that information & we'll take it from there.

31-Jan-09, 22:45
You beat me to it Bob........... I was just about to post a recommendation for you!

31-Jan-09, 22:50
Thanks Bob

Don't know what mother board it is brought it from Novatech two year ago, is there of finding out,


31-Jan-09, 23:05
Have PM'd you...